Our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

To create a sustainable environment, MIM Group understands its responsibility towards society, people and the environment. We thus ensure the conservation of resources in accordance with local and international legislation and regulations.

  • Preserving natural resources through responsible energy and water management.
  • Adopt cost-effective pollution prevention actions through our processes.
  • Motivate and prepare all staff to assume personal responsibility for environmental protection.
  • Plan, implement and review environment goals and targets.

Our Commitment to Social Sustainability

The MIM Group wants to produce social-friendly goods and services combined with good governance that help build the company’s image domestically and internationally, while providing a safe and stimulating workplace for our employees. We have a highly trained and professionally competent team to achieve the target.

  • Abide by all relevant labour laws and regulations.
  • Strive to maximize profits through transparent business transactions in the legal and social context, with no malice towards anyone and in fairness to everyone.
  • Reduce the income gap between the top and bottom income groups.

Our Commitment to Safety

At MIM Group, Health, Safety, Security & Environment (HSSE) is our top priority. Driven to create an incident-free workplace, we continually improve and innovate to eliminate risks to our people, property and the environment.In order to do that, we have deployed resources in all our factories and invested for safety maintenance work and safety training.

  • No injury, occupational disease and incident.
  • Design, build, operate and maintain our factories to efficiently manage process safety and other hazards and minimize process and product risks.
  • Provide products that contribute to a safer, more sustainable future throughout the life-cycle of products.
  • Together with our clients and government authorities, we equip every worker and subcontractor with the right skills and exhort them to adopt safe work practices as a way of life.